• Delicious food with the freshest ingredients
  • Seasonal and bespoke menus to your request
  • Wine tasting & cocktail lessons
    as part of your events
Award winning catering

Green & Fortune

Food and drink are key elements for a successful event. At Kings Place we have several kitchens where our own chefs prepare delicious food cooked only with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Our lamb and beef come from our very own farm in Northumberland where the animals are traditionally hand-reared and grass fed.

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Our menus are seasonal and use only the highest quality ingredients to deliver great food. Our chefs enjoy creating bespoke menus to suit our clients’ requirements.

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Wine tasting & cocktail lessons

We organise bespoke wine tastings and Mixology lessons which can be enjoyed during an event or on their own. We buy our wines from boutique merchants and many of our wines are bought directly from the vineyard.

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