From breakfast to lunch, dinner, buffets, canap├ęs and bowl food, our menus are seasonal and we only use the highest quality ingredients to deliver great food.

Our yearly changing menus ensure they capture the best of the seasons, meaning there is always a suitable option for your event. Our team of chefs, overseen by Karl Buckthought consider the best way for this food to be served, for example our food stalls, as well as the ingredients which go into making the food a highlight of any event held at Kings Place.

You’ll see that the menus include provisions for dietary requirements such as vegan and gluten-free, however our chefs are happy to create additional menus on request to meet any requirements.

All the beef and lamb come from our very own farm in Northumberland where the animals are traditionally hand-reared, a fact that we are extremely proud of. We are also proud to be crowned Best Catering at a Venue winner at the 2016 London Venue Awards.

Download our 2018 menus.

Thinking about hosting an event at Kings Place?

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