CSR & Sustainability

When you are having an event in Kings Place you are investing in CSR and using a sustainable venue.

Events held at Kings Place support the delivery of a rich and busy  programme of public performances. The cultural programme is managed by a charitable trust called Kings Place Music Foundation an organisation whose income is derived from ticket sales and from the hire of its spaces for conferences and rehearsals.

CSR Policies

Where possible, we aim to work with the local community, charities and educational institutions where our skills and knowledge will benefit those organizations.

Rotunda Bar & Restaurant supports the charity program Street Smart. We have chosen a local charity – C4WS. The charity provides hospitality, food and warmth for 14 men or women in the local area.

Rotunda also works with a local charity called Global Generation who work on community-based food growing programmes. For the running of these programmes local teenagers and schools get involved growing vegetables in skips and urban gardens. This was recently featured on a BBC documentary.

Green & Fortune supports an outstanding network of Saturday schools run by Civitas Schools. One of our events spaces is offered to Civitas Schools on Saturdays to provide low cost English and maths lessons to children who require extra educational support but do not have access to expensive tuition.

The Kings Place Music Foundation manages an outreach project that aims to provide access to quality events, opportunities to participate in events as well as opportunities to engage with and learn from leading artists and musicians.

Sustainability Policies

Where possible, we only use producers from the UK as opposed to importing goods.

Our producer or supplier must have a genuine passion for what they do, be knowledgeable, direct and complimentary to our business.

Transparency in the information they provide to us is a must. It is crucial we can pass on exact details to our customers allowing them to make informed choices on the food they are purchasing.

Protecting the environment is key to us, we avoid working with anyone who purchase or supply produce or services that have been created using processes known to damage the environment. Suppliers must be prepared to work with us on reducing the impact we have on the environment and offering up solutions on how this can be achieved.

Click here to download our complete CSR and sustainability document.

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